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  1. The She-Creature
  2. The Dead Talk Back
  3. Being from Another Planet
  4. Monster A-Go Go
  5. San Francisco International
  6. Puma Man
  7. Parts: The Clonus Horror
  8. The Touch of Satan

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614 - San Francisco International - almost 7 years ago
12 laughs

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It's been a while since I hated a movie kid as much I hate Davy; it's kind of refreshing, really.

808 - The She-Creature - about 7 years ago
6 laughs

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Was there some kind of "creepy sleazebag performer" genre that I didn't know about? Because between this and Devil Doll there seems to have been some kind of audience these filmmakers thought they saw.

810 - The Giant Spider Invasion - almost 7 years ago
6 laughs

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Honestly, I pity the poor tarantulas that had to be in this awful movie.

820 - Space Mutiny - about 7 years ago
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According to Wikipedia, this move was produced in South Africa, and yet, not one black person, or any other race than white for that matter. Maybe it was the director's commentary that they will have segregated colony ships in the future. I can't imagine any other reason.

817 - Horror of Party Beach - about 7 years ago
2 laughs

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So these creatures came from the ocean, which is made up of salt water. How exactly is sodium harmful to them? Could the writers have thought up a less convincing weapon against them?

421 - Monster A-Go Go - about 7 years ago
8 laughs


That pinging noise throughout the movie is physically painful. It's rare to find a bad movie that actually hates its audience instead of merely being cruelly indifferent.

Recent Riffs

807 - Terror from the Year 5000 - over 6 years ago
4 laughs


"Stashu! Peregna!" Which means: Eggnog! Give me your eggnog!

908 - The Touch of Satan - over 6 years ago
2 laughs


Oh, and there's a huge insane scabby gorilla wandering around too.

620 - Danger! Death Ray - about 7 years ago
2 laughs


I'm counting on him being completely blind.