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I gotta say , as goofy as the short was, they did go out of their way to explain a lot of things that many sci-fi shows, even today, take for granted. How the moonians can speak English, why their technology is more advanced, why they're invading Earth in the first place. I have to give them credit for that.

606 - The Creeping Terror - over 9 years ago
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Hands down! One of the most ridiculous looking creatures of MST3k

421 - Monster A-Go Go - over 6 years ago
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I'm kinda surprised Gypsy's action figure wasn't Richard Basehart

109 - Project Moonbase - about 7 years ago
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Yeesh! The sexism here is pretty painful. Really, really, really painful.

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807 - Terror from the Year 5000 - over 6 years ago
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Being human isn't about killing, in cold blood, those who are helpless. Though I have in fact done that; I probably shouldn't have.

614 - San Francisco International - about 7 years ago
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Let me restate, sir, that you are a kindergarten baby, you wash your face in gravy, wrap it up in bubblegum and mail it to the Navy!