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  1. Monster A-Go Go
  2. Eegah
  3. Agent for H.A.R.M.
  4. Manhunt in Space
  5. The Wild World of Batwoman
  6. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  7. Gorgo
  8. Attack of the the Eye Creatures
  9. The Crawling Eye
  10. Cave Dwellers
  11. Pod People
  12. Tormented
  13. Crash of the Moons
  14. Night of the Blood Beast
  15. The Day the Earth Froze
  16. Space Mutiny
  17. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  18. Werewolf
  19. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  20. Devil Fish
  21. The Touch of Satan
  22. The Final Sacrifice
  23. Hamlet
  24. Horrors of Spider Island
  25. Secret Agent Super Dragon
  26. Warrior of the Lost World
  27. Samson Vs The Vampire Women
  28. Hobgoblins
  29. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  30. Lost Continent
  31. The Dead Talk Back
  32. Puma Man
  33. Horror of Party Beach
  34. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  35. The Space Children
  36. Being from Another Planet
  37. Terror from the Year 5000
  38. Master Ninja II
  39. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  40. The Magic Sword

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Happy ThanksMSTing
Forum - almost 5 years ago
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A contentious election comes to a close...
It seems the votes were rigged in Joel's favor. Manos got more votes than Space Mutiny? Bah! It's rigged. The electora---I mean, Shout Factory---is a sham!

Here's hoping I made this the most politically charged your Thanksgiving got. (I mean, it's why you only invite Uncle Ricky and his crazy opinions over once a year.)

WAiT #8: The Sequeling
Forum - over 5 years ago
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Which MST movies could pull off an entertaining, yet very riff-able sequel? (Don't worry, I promise not to make any of your suggestions!) Pick your fav's, and choose fun titles to match.

Parts 2: Part 2
Mitchell 2: The Rehabilitation
Hercules Goes Straight to Hell

Forum - over 5 years ago
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Perhaps a fitting tribute to Prince's passing might be a WIT episode such as Agent for HARM? I don't think I've heard so many tag lines from his songs as can be found in that one episode.

WAiT #3: Empathy for the Damned
Forum - over 5 years ago
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Which MST movie (or just the movie title) best describes how you're feeling? How's your life going?
Castle of Fu Manchu- I'm feeling slow, cold, I have a mustache, and I'm in a "castle" on a hill... what happened in that movie? idk.

603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 5 years ago
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Contrary to first impressions, this movie does actually have something of a plot. It's chopped to pieces, and those pieces are shuffled out of order, and then spaced out with enough padding that they kind of get lost, but it is all there. I'll see if I can explain. Note that this will, of course, include spoilers. I suggest watching the movie first.

The kid is an irresponsible skinflint. Twice in his life, he's gotten married only to have his wife file for divorce within a matter of weeks. Both times, the women said he was impossible to get along with and maddeningly tight-fisted.

His uncle dies. The will says he's due for a significant inheritance, but that the money is to be kept in trust. If the kid stays out of trouble until a certain date, he'll get the money. But if he slips up, no dice.

The kid moves in to the boarding house, meets the model, and has a fling with her. They go off on a drunken trip to Vegas or somewhere and get married. As usual, it doesn't last.

But she knows that if word gets to his parents, he'll lose his inheritance. She uses that as leverage, demanding he give her money or else she'll tell. She asks for $5, then $10, then more.

He snaps. He gets out the old crossbow he had from hunting with his dad in years gone by, makes an improvised bolt out of a curtain rod, and shoots her.

(The photographer drops by, sees the body, and runs, breaking off the heel of his shoe in the process. This becomes a red herring.)

The police question the kid. He admits that he gave her money, but insists that they got along really well and it wasn't a big deal. They counter by telling him they've read the divorce papers showing his ex-wives describing him as miserly and impossible to get along with. It's a direct contradiction, but it's far from proof.

The "psychic" detective sets up a pseudo-scientific seance. The first demonstration gets the photographer to confess that he'd seen the body and run. The second goes on longer. The girl dressed as the victim sits up in her coffin. It's supposed to make the kid nervous, convinced that he's about to be outed as the murderer and perhaps even subjected to some kind of supernatural revenge.

He doesn't buy it. Instead, he jumps up, declaring "Ah-ha! I knew I couldn't have actually killed you!" (It's not clear exactly what he was thinking or feeling. Likely, he snapped when he killed her, felt guilt over the crime, and tried to convince himself that it hadn't really happened and somehow it would turn out okay.)

Everyone looks at him, and he realizes it's over. He confesses to the whole thing. The seance is revealed to have been a scam from the start. Just a psychological trick to sweat out the confession. The kid is arrested, and everyone else goes on with their lives.

Debbie Does Manos
Forum - over 5 years ago
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I found this article in which Jackey Neyman Jones, who played the daughter Debbie in Manos: The Hands of Fate, recounts her experiences making the movie. Her dad was the "Master".

7 laughs


Corporate espionage is rampant in the high stakes world of hearing aid production...

The most bland man in the world
Forum - almost 6 years ago
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I've seen five John Agar movies, three of which were from this show. But I couldn't pick him out of a lineup to save my life. I see his photo on Wikipedia and there is no flash of recognition. I try to think of his voice, his acting roles, and I've got nothing. I've seen five of his movies, but couldn't tell you which character he played in any of them, even though he's usually playing male protagonist #1.

He is the most bland actor I know. He doesn't fade into the background, he IS the background. I was just watching Devil Doll when there was a John Agar joke. Despite knowing who John Agar is, I didn't get the joke, because I can't for the life of me picture the guy in my mind.

Anyone else have this problem, with Agar or any other actor?

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