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Don't forget Retro TV Saturday
Forum - almost 7 years ago
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MST3K makes its debut on the Retro channel this Saturday, the 5th . Below is a link to an affiliate list (you might need rabbit ears) and a schedule for your region.

Now what the hell did I do with my VCR? lol.

I can't tell what episode will be the debut but here is list of the ones Retro acquired the rights to:

103- The Mad Monster
105- The Corpse Vanishes
211- First Spaceship On Venus
320- The Unearthly
323- The Castle of Fu Manchu
402- The Giant Gila Monster
409- The Indestructible Man
412- Hercules And The Captive Women
419- The Rebel Set
424- Manos: The Hands of Fate
507- I Accuse My Parents
511- Gunslinger
517- Beginning of the End
518- The Atomic Brain
610- The Violent Years
616- Racket Girls
619- Red Zone Cuba
701- Night Of The Blood Beast
812- The Incredibly Strange Creatures…
820- Space Mutiny
821- Time Chasers
822- Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
908- The Touch of Satan
1002- Girl in Gold Boots
1003- Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders
1009- Hamlet

K12 - Fugitive Alien - almost 7 years ago
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It's so strange, not getting the "He triiiiiied to kill me with a forkliiift..."

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