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110 - Robot Holocaust - over 7 years ago
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Seriously, I am ready to punch whichever dickweed it is that's going around pulling these down.

Shout! Response to the Geo-Blocking
Forum - over 7 years ago
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I'm bad about checking my e-mail, but I did get a response from Shout! re the takedowns seven days ago.

"Hi Cory,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention with your email. I’ve reached out to our digital department and they’re working on resolving the situation with Base 79.
Customer Service
Shout! Factory"

These dickweeds might be the problem
Forum - over 7 years ago
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If you try to watch 'Final Sacrifice' a message appears that says something about content being blocked by Shout Factory and Base79/ent2 "one or more of whom" have blocked on copyright grounds. I thought Shout Factory? The key phrase is "one or more..."

I did some research on Base79 and basically they are a marketing firm who try to make money by filing 3rd party claims on behalf of the owners of copyrighted material without their permission, consent, or even knowledge. They don't have any legal interest in the material they are blocking but they pitch to copyright owners how they are wasting an opportunity to make more money off of their YouTube content by not "managing" it with demographically correct ads, proper placement, more ads, and probably more ads. Base79 wants to get a commision as a content manager/marketing consultant. They apparently are doing this all over YouTube and elsewhere. In a nutshell, leeches. As always, I'm not sure, but it sure fits.

This short video entitled 'Who are Base79?' doesn't tell much, but the comments are funny, worth reading.

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