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Robert Williams - over 6 years ago
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Pretty groovy Bro ,rugby is getting out there now its back in the Olympics .

Xterra needs a miracle, every day - about 7 years ago
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Thought you'd like to know this. My college (I'm in Alabama, USA; gridiron football country) has a freaking rugby club. NOT. KIDDING.

Favorite Episodes

  1. Gamera vs. Guiron
  2. Gamera
  3. Hercules and the Captive Women
  4. Monster A-Go Go
  5. Project Moonbase
  6. Revenge of the Mysterons From Mars
  7. War of the Colossal Beast
  8. Legend of the Dinosaurs
  9. Moon Zero Two
  10. The Castle of Fu Manchu
  11. SST: Death Flight
  12. Robot Holocaust
  13. Space Mutiny
  14. Robot Monster
  15. Attack of the the Eye Creatures
  16. Rocket Attack USA
  17. Rocketship X-M
  18. Ring of Terror
  19. Laserblast
  20. Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
  21. The Crawling Eye
  22. Gamera vs. Gaos
  23. Gamera vs. Zigra
  24. Gamera vs. Barugon

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The "What's the acronym stand for?" game. Inspired by BGD (guess who). GO!
Forum - over 5 years ago
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Forum - over 5 years ago
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I must say this. This show was and is important. not because its funny, but because it showed me at 17 years of age that I dont have to accept or agree with the slop that hollywood and the media trudge out. I could decide for myself what I liked and disliked. They were not afraid to burn anyone popular or unpopular. When you gasp OH how could they say that about him or her, you shouldnt be angry. You should thank them. Because why are these celebs so special? They arent, not at all. They were a famous persons kid or they knew someone in the business. Thats it. If not for this show I may never have learned that. This show taught me to make up my own mind and stop idolizing these bloated sacred cows of our culture. BBI remains the best, bravest, and wisest team of people ever to write, produce, direct and star in any form of entertainment period.

Fictional Love Survey
Forum - over 5 years ago
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Choose two different characters (nope, not the actors) from the MST3k movies: One that you would consider dating, and one that you'd consider just sleeping with.
Me? I'd totally date the Girl in Lover's Lane; talk about a low-maintenance relationship! No, I really dig the ripples her rocks make, or whatever.
I'd hook up with the queen from Hercules. She looks like she'd be fun... at first! Just ask The Herc-meister.

Might be dropping off the RADAR
Forum - over 5 years ago
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A personal ramble, for those who might care. It's thanks, possibly goodbye, and explanation. Most of you will probably want to skip, but a few of you might be interested. So here goes.

I've had a lot of fun here. It's done me good. Helped me through some very rough months. MSTies are, on the whole, really cool people. Thank you. I don't know how I would have survived without this site.

See, I've got a bunch of chronic health issues stemming from an overactive immune system. Been dealing with them most of my life, but new things keep cropping up. Every time medical science catches up with me, my immune system comes up with something even more devious.

I spent more than a decade searching for answers and improvements before coming to terms with "this is as good as it gets." So I looked at what I had, came up with a plan to make something of it, and got some friends to help me do it.

That's when the bottom fell out again. Last November, I took a major turn for the worse, and no one could explain why. Chipped at a couple of things, made a little headway, but nowhere near enough. Basically, I've spent the bulk of my waking hours for the last four and a half months too woozy to sit up (among other symptoms). I've had to let a lot of things slip by, and step back from friends and communities.

I tried to figure out how to pass the hours, and that's when I remembered MST3K. I came back here, found a nice little community, and started rewatching the series. Good, lighthearted fun. Exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately, half an hour into Kitten With A Whip, my brain started locking up. No, not because of the movie. I've plodded through worse. But it seems that, just as, months ago, I found myself too exhausted to watch things like Jessica Jones, MST3K had become too much to handle. Time was I could juggle eight different thought processes at once with processing power to spare. Now it seems that following the movie while also paying attention to the riffs is becoming overwhelming, even just a few minutes at a time.

I just started a new medication. It may help. We'll see. But if things continue the way they've been the last day or two, I may have to quit here, too.

Thank you all, especially Stephen. This site has kept me going and helped me laugh through some of the most difficult months of my life.

Is This LOVE?!?
Forum - almost 6 years ago
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What do you think the most romantic MST3k movie is? (That doesn't mean you HAVE to like the movie, btw)
Mine? Werewolf & Time Chasers
Least romantic? Mitchell & Hobgoblins

Forum - almost 6 years ago
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I would just like to go on record as saying I named my cat Jet Jaguar a few years ago... Despite this, he has only grown fat, not tall... : /

Fodder for the blog no one reads
Forum - almost 6 years ago
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WIT means "watch-it-together" which is what cool people do on this site at 10pm EST. I'd appreciate it if you guys came up with other meanings for the acronym "WIT." (Example: Wolverine Interceptor Team)

Gamera is filled with...
Forum - almost 6 years ago
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...bean paste?

Actually a pretty impressively-detailed piece of work.

Day 38
Forum - almost 6 years ago
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The newest plot twist in the WIT war journal? After the prime minister issues a statement mocking the president, war is declared on Canada.

...I think it's safe to say the story has long abandoned any meaningful connection to the Watch-It-Togethers.

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