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Steven Patrick Stevezilla Lee - about 7 years ago
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Yeah yeah, okay.....

Favorite Episodes

  1. Attack of the Giant Leeches
  2. It Conquered the World
  3. Stranded in Space
  4. Fugitive Alien
  5. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  6. Warrior of the Lost World
  7. Swamp Diamonds
  8. Village of the Giants
  9. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  10. Santa Claus
  11. Alien from L.A.
  12. The Mad Monster

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516 - Alien from L.A. - almost 7 years ago
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Oh, that voice. Maybe if she sounded more like Wanda Sykes?.....

503 - Swamp Diamonds - about 7 years ago
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Beverly Garland....a dream. Simply a dream....

305 - Stranded in Space - over 8 years ago
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OK seriously, what is with the opening/closing credits on films like this (and Pod People, Cave Dwellers, etc.) where its nothing to do with the actual film?Anyone know?

What my school did to me one Christmas
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I just wanted to tell you guys my traumatic history with this movie. When I was a child, like elementary school, they told us there would be a special Christmas movie in the auditorium after school. Basically they charged us a quarter to watch this very movie and ten cent for popcorn! I think the kids watched it for maybe ten to fifteen minutes before every kid in the place was talking to their friends instead of watching the movie. At the time I thought the movie would NEVER end. That was the first time I ever saw this one. The scars of that memory has stuck with me all these years.
Then maybe 8 to ten years ago our local cable company played it for 24 hours in a row and my youngest son immediately fell in love with how ridiculous and terrible the whole thing was and asked for it for Christmas.
For quite a while I always thought one of these martians was Jamie Far. I guess I was mistaken. Although the silly martian looks a little like him.
I just wanted to say thought that MST3K has helped me over the traumas of a small child and makes it a so much more watchable!
Merry Christmas Guys!

523 - Village of the Giants - about 7 years ago
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I'm just frank about Frank

503 - Swamp Diamonds - about 7 years ago
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You're no Mannix to me, mister!

310 - Fugitive Alien - over 7 years ago
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Have to say, I find the premise of the movie kind of interesting, as several people said below. If only it were decently executed, but, then, it wouldn't be on MST3k! These are my favorite episodes, when the movie has an element of interest which makes the overall badness of it SO PAINFUL!!

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It's like trying to find a speck of space dust in a comet's tail!

310 - Fugitive Alien - about 7 years ago
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Don't shoot Ken 2 Ken 1!!