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  1. The Indestructible Man
  2. The Brain that Wouldn't Die
  3. Warrior of the Lost World
  4. Master Ninja I
  5. Master Ninja II
  6. The Sidehackers

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501 - Warrior of the Lost World - over 6 years ago
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202 - The Sidehackers - about 5 years ago
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Reading this book written by TV's Frank himself, this movie had an unexpected rape scene. They didn't know about it until they watch the rest of the movie and after they asked Comedy Channel(of the time) for all the legal permissions to broadcast and use the film in the show. They would of dismissed this one for that as MST3K at the time was watched by kids and family friendly people mostly, but after editing out the rape scene, it didn't ruin the movie anymore than it already is. Also they already had all the rights paid to use the film when they discovered this. This is where they learned a lesson about choosing their movies, check the whole movie. And Frank had to do all that. He even said no therapist in the world can help him with his PTSD (Post Traumatic S*&$ Disorder) from screening all the bad movies. XD
Trixie "Maybe we all should give Frank a hug every time we meet him. Therapists do say hugging can be a form of therapy...somewhat and if appropriate."

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At 34:30 a woman comes out of a room that looks like a bathroom and it sounds like crow says "Oi what a shit!" Lol

821 - Time Chasers - over 6 years ago
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I wish my Commodore 64 could do that.

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