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K16 - City on Fire - over 6 years ago
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This movie is SO dark. I actually found a couple of scenes disturbing. The crispy critters have some really good makeup effects, and the CPR scene on the person going into shock and vomiting is just brutal. The movie was actually good at what it was trying to be, and seemed to outshine the riffing. I'd daresay even the crew was pretty staggered by the last half of the film, as they got pretty quiet as well.

K16 - City on Fire - over 8 years ago
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This film was too tragic and there wasn't enough wrong with it; the acting and special effects were too good. I worked on Photoshop at the same time and took in the riffs; never thought I'd say it but I'm ready for another Sandy Frank film...and I'm in luck as the next one is a compilation of 26 episodes of a Japanese sci-fi series...bring on Time of the Apes!

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