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  1. SST: Death Flight
  2. Night of the Blood Beast

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1001 - Soultaker - over 6 years ago
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Just foind out that Robert D'Zar (the big chinned head Soultaker) died April 1st of heart failure. His chin was actually due to a genetic disorder called Cherubism. He was 69 and actually made about 130 movies in his time.

810 - The Giant Spider Invasion - almost 5 years ago
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Barbara Hale, who played the female scientist in this move (as well as the legal secretary to Perry Mason, her most famous role) died a few days ago, aged 92.

Gosh, what a coincidence!
315 - Teenage Caveman - over 6 years ago
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Heh. When I watched this I blinked when I saw the "Beast that kills with a touch" because its the monster suit they used in "Night of the Blood Beast" with a few bits added. And the blonde Caveman that talks back to the evil guy with a beard was in "blood beast" too. There must be sone kind of Horrific thread that runs through these movies, connecting them to the Satellite of love with chains that last through time...

Oh yeah. Roger Corman. I should have known...

A Good Ep to Get Back in the Swing
Forum - over 6 years ago
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I burned out on MST a little while ago and I haven watched an ep in about three weeks. So what's a good episode to start back on? (Don't say Manos, I've never really cared for that one.)

K19 - Hangar 18 - over 6 years ago
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As a child, I actually dragged my mother to see this piece of... stuff. We never mentioned it again... I AM SO SORRY MOM!!

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