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  1. Puma Man
  2. Time Chasers
  3. The Starfighters
  4. Project Moonbase
  5. Danger! Death Ray
  6. Riding with Death
  7. Revenge of the Creature
  8. The Beast of Hollow Mountain
  9. Gunslinger
  10. Invasion USA
  11. Diabolik
  12. Mitchell
  13. The Day Time Ended

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814 - Riding with Death - over 4 years ago
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Is it wrong that I find these 70's TV movie/pilots tremendously comforting? This episode, San Francisco International, Code Name Diamond Head - they take me back to our first color TV, junior high school...the terrible writing and acting is part of that whole nostalgia I guess. It was a simpler time (for me at least)!

904 - Werewolf - almost 5 years ago
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Just added the uncut version. Here is what is cut from the MST3k version:
- The movie starts with Noel driving his jeep to the dig site.
- A scene where Yuri chats up a nurseat the hospital before drawing Tommy;s blood is cut.
- Paul's arrival and taxi ride were cut. Paul says he GREW UP in Flagstaff before moving the New York (despite his accent.)!?!?!?
- Paul; says his flight was delayed--though he arrived by train.
- Paul looks out his window and sees the town.
- Natalie arrived at the party with Noel. Paul with Carrie (the real estate agent) who dumps him (for no apparent reason).
- A short scene where Natalie explains she;ll need Noel;s permission to show Paul the skeleton.
- Some scenes of a museum showing (growling) mastadons, sabre toothed tigers, etc. before Paul visits the lab.
- Sex scene between Paul (just as he starts lycanthropizing & Natalie (spied on by a peeping Yuri.))
- Some bits of the final showdown between Paul & Yuri.

821 - Time Chasers - over 6 years ago
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I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Matthew Bruch (Nick Miller). From what I could find, he didn't have a stunt man, and he was doing quite a bit in this movie. Riding horses, bikes, climbing around in trees, running all over the place, and even if he wasn't actually on the wing of a plane in the air, it does look like the plane was moving a little bit while he's doing the fight with JK. And he manages to be fairly competent as an actor, too. All in all, not bad.

I watched the unMSTed version,so you don't have to!
820 - Space Mutiny - about 4 years ago
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- The space battle between the Cylons...err, pirates and colonials...uh, I guess that works, is a lot longer and Ryder, Starbuck and Apollo shoot down a lot more enemies before Ryder crashes during landing. Commander Santa, the Captain and Lea watch the victory from a window.
- If all of the inhabitants on the Southern Sun are mulitgeneration ship colonists on a lonely journey to a distant planet, where does Biff Hardcheese come from? Why does he need to be introduced when he arrives? Where was he picking up the Professor from?
- After Lt. Lamont is killed, the floor waxer chase is a lot longer and ends when a pipe falls in front Bulk McLargehuge (who says some naughty words) and Lea forcing them to escape on foot. Kalgan orders the Enforcers to track then down with "extreme prejudice."
- That was Lt. Lamont's twin sister, not a continuity error when she returned from the dead.
Just Kidding! It was a continuity error.
- Lea doesn't know where the Enforcer's Office is? And she's the Commander's daughter?
- After meeting Mr. Monster Mash, Beef Buttroast and Lea execute a perfect "after you" when the enforcers barge in. (Commercial cut)
- Before Mass Musclebound is appointed chief mutineer fighter, they discuss Kalgan's motives. An important point cut out (due to commercial) Kalgan intends to sell the non-mutineers into slavery to the pirates.
- Commander Jansen's first name is Alex. You probably didn't know that.
- One Rider's viper squadron injured Engineer Mac Pherson (The guy with the cane), so he has a personal motive to mutiny.
- When Slab and Lea have sex in the greenhouse, they talk about growing up on the Southern Sun and that Bulk's dad and grandad also were pilots.
- The Battle between the Galactica and the Cylon Base Star (sorry Southern Sun and Pirate Ship) is a bit longer in the original version. (They used all of the availabale BSG footage)
- McPherson calls Smash Lampjaw am as----ole and sh!+.
- Crunch Squatthrust gets in a fight with 2 mooks while coming to save Lea. One of mooks misses on a punch hits a wall (OUCH!)
- After Lea and Tank escape a long, long, long chase sequence is cut until they steal the enforcer's masks.
- When MacPherson roasts on an open fire, they cut a scene where he climbs out of the gas expulsion sump, completely aflame before he dies. It looked cool.

I watched the original version, so you don't have to!
908 - The Touch of Satan - about 4 years ago
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Not all that much cut out of "Night of the Demon" (aka "The Touch of Satan".)
- A bit of Jody walking enjoying the sunshine before he meets Melissa.
- After Lucinda scares Jody, Melissa talks to her and refers to her as her sister. (Hint!)
- the next morning Luther & Molly (i.e, Melissa's purported "father" and "mother") discuss Melissa falling in love.
- For that matter, who ARE Luther and Molly? Melissa's children? great ganchildren? Random strangers who protect the Stricklands?
- When the Sheriff's deputy is killed, they cut a little blood and Jody puking and an arty shot where the camera tracks around a despondent Melissa (720 degrees!) as Luther and Molly are heard disposing of the deputy's body and car.
- Commercial cut: Jody lying down in bed and Melissa walking to her spell shack. (Exciting!)
- In the dream sequences, after Melissa saves Lucinda from being burned at the stake, their real father leaves saying "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", yada, yada, yada...
- One nipple shot was cut during the final x\sex scene.

Note: I think this is the only MST3K movie I saw before it was MSTed.

Official Nomination
904 - Werewolf - almost 6 years ago
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As most of you know "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is considered the worst movie of all time, but I'm guessing the people who elected it had never seen "Werewolf". So I would like to start an official campaign to elect Alexandra Miles who played Natalie Burke as the worst actress of all time. Towards the end of movie when she was slowly walking up the stairs it felt like she was just "acting" like she was slowly walking up the stairs. I didn't believe she was slowly walking up the stairs. You know an actor is bad when even their physical movements don't seem genuine, as well as their dialogue. Also wondering if her speech problems are just foreign accent related, or a speech impediment. I even considered for minute that she may be possibly partially deaf. Which if she is, I feel we should have been told up front before making fun of her. If it's just accent related then its O.K. . Who should I contact to make the official nomination? Well folks, keep on riffing and keep a look out for "Waerwelfs"!!!

512 - Mitchell - over 4 years ago
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I love how the plot of the movie is kicked off by a guy shooting an unarmed home invader (oh no!), so while attempting to nail the guy for this heinous crime, our 'hero' cop goes on a shooting spree, which included shooting a guy running through a public park for basically no reason, gunning down a bunch of unarmed people chasing him down the street, and shooting a guy in the face with a rifle who, as far as Mitchell knew, was unarmed and got rid of his gun.

1202 - Atlantic Rim - almost 3 years ago
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Little known fact: even though the ocean features prominently in this movie, it was actually filmed almost entirely in BRO-ledo, BRO-hio!

815 - Agent for H.A.R.M. - almost 8 years ago
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I HATE those damn episodes of sci-fi shows when the characters are put on trial. It's in every damn show.

1101 - Reptilicus - almost 3 years ago
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did i miss the part where they explain how gypsy servo and crow got back on the satellite? last i knew servo crow and mike were sharing an apartment and gypsy was a millionaire.

1204 - The Day Time Ended - almost 3 years ago
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Not one "Dallas" joke!

Though I have to admit this movie is only slightly more coherent than the "It was all a dream" season at Southfork Ranch.

I Watched unMSTed Mitchell, So You Don't Have To
512 - Mitchell - about 3 years ago
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Here was what was cut:
- Commercial cut: After Mitchell checks a gun at Deaney's mansion, a pointless, almost minute-long scene where Chief Pallin (Mitchell's boss) walks into the police station and orders black coffee and aspirin when told Mitchell is waiting in his office. I could use an aspirin, too.
- Profanity cut, Chief: "(When the sh*t hits the fan/You're gonna' get me mad), I wouldn't want to be in your shoes."
- Profanity cut: Cummins to Mastretta on the phone "Get (your a$$) over here."
- Mistake: 24:17 hours? The correct military time is 00:17 hours.
- Wouldn't Deaney call a glazier get that window fixed the next day?
- Greta (Linda Evans) shows up at Mitchell's apartment the show cuts to commercial, the scene continues on with Mitchell asking who sent her there and her response. "Don't you like presents at Christmas." Mitchell asks her if he should take his clothes off (God! NO!) "Only if you want to, unless you're.... you know." Then after sex on Mitchell's hide-a-bed (No! No!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!) while Mitchell is kissing her foot (Uggggggh!) and Greta reading the Playboy centerfold profile (who's an anarchist and holding a bomb), Mitchell asks again who sent her. This cut creates a continuity error in the MST version when Deaney reveals he was paying Greta, Mitchell did know something was up.
- Before Greta leaves, Mitchell checks out her purse, finds grass and her ID (and therefore her name) and asks "How he rates?" (UGH!) She tells him she didn't think of him that way (like a hooker would) and give a recommendation to the client when he talks to him.
- Commercial cut: After the low speed chase, they cut a series of scenes that create another MST induced plot hole: Mitchell spots Benton parked outside a deli where Cummins is buying something. Mitchell steps on Benton's toe while we walks in to talk to Cummins. About all they talk about is that Cummins is being followed by Mastretta's men in a yellow Plymouth Fury (The car that thinks it is a house), who then try to run Cummins down when he gets back into his car. Then Mitchell gets a call from HQ about the Mustang in the low speed chase. Mitchell goes to the Mustang hood's (He got a credit!) house and beats him up and slams the car door on his hand. (OUCH!) Then back to the station, where Pallin wants Mitchell to pick up one of the guys who ran down Cummins. While Cummins is playing 18 holes, Mitchell spots the yellow Fury dropping a guy off. That's the guy Mitchell shoots at the golf course for seemingly no reason. Well, now you know the reason!
- Profanity cut: "Benton, you are a (G*d D*amed awful/lousy) butler."
- After Mitchell gets beat up, the next sex scene with Greta is more explicit (read gross) in the uncut version. Then they talk again who hired Greta, that Mitchell couldn't afford her at $1,000/night and her sessions are tax deductible as a business expense (Seriously!)
- Profanity Cut: Greta: "You're a (mean b@st@rd/terrific human being), Mitchell. I had a clean record in this town."
- Not really profanity cut: Booking cop as Greta is being escorted to jail: "You really (laid/sleep with) that?"
- Profanity Cut: Greta writes ("B@st@rd"/"Jerk") on Mitchell's car with lipstick.
- Non profanity cut: Cummins: "I don't pay for you (whores/hookers), Mitchell."
- The mother of all MST commercial cuts: Cummins and Deaney ("Hi, James." "Hi, Walt.") meet at a off road park (finally tying both of these villains together. Why Deaney is there is never explained.) to talk about their Mitchell problem and Deaney says they should "Hit the God damned bum!" Cummins tells Mitchell to follow him and offers to get him Deaney, if he'll let Cummins off the hook. Mitchell refuses, so Cummins has Benton disarm Mitchell and lead him back to the off road park, where Mitchell's gets stuck to creek. This starts the epic dune buggy chase where Mitchell smashes a mook's head in with a rock (as seen in the opening credits) and Deaney is killed in a final crash. (THAT'S what happened to John Saxon in this movie!)
- Profanity cut: Mitchell: "(P!ss off/Buzz off), kid!"
- Commercial cut: Mastretta's mooks spot Mitchell driving to Matretta's place in Calabasas. Alone.
- In the shootout in Calabasas, the wounds are much less gory on the MST cut.
- Commercial cut: The helicopter gets a couple more passes over Cummins's boat with the oxygen bottle and completely knocks off the roof of the bridge. The shoot out also lasts a lot longer before the helicopter cop is hit.
- In the fight on the boat, Benton's belly gets cut open (Yecch!) and Cummins gets shot in the head in much more gory manner.
- Is Mitchell going take Greta to the station in a bath robe?

To be honest, the cuts here really change the movie from decent near TV-movie quality (though far too violent to show on TV in the 70's) to an incoherent mess. Still a great episode to send Joel off with.

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1204 - The Day Time Ended - almost 3 years ago
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I admire the Cinema Verite approach, but did we have to see her tinkle?

1109 - Yongary - almost 4 years ago
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"Wait, his name is Itcho and makes people itch? Glad his name isn't Poo-o."

1 laugh


Sorry I was late to the movie. Traffic was nuts!

1103 - The Time Travelers - almost 4 years ago
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The Amazing Dr. Varno at the Circus Circus!

1102 - Cry Wilderness - almost 4 years ago
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"This movie is about Bigfoot in the same way that 'Waiting for Guffman' was about Guffman."
"Or Godot."

1101 - Reptilicus - almost 4 years ago
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"Is that a model?"
"No, all of Denmark is built like that. It is SOOOO.. quaint"

607 - Bloodlust - over 4 years ago
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Mr. Brady: "We'll have to try a real grand stand play"
Tom sings 'Stars & Stripes Forever'

821 - Time Chasers - over 6 years ago
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He's dead, but don't worry. They have a spare.

821 - Time Chasers - over 6 years ago
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Kevin Spacey **WAS** Kaiser Soze!