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Every little thing she does is humanoid
K11 - Humanoid Woman - over 5 years ago
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Stewart Copeland!

K11 - Humanoid Woman - about 6 years ago
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Jeez, these episodes were so badly made .. They totally lack energy, and direction. I mean in know these were the early years and all but .. Damn! They really had no screen presence at all. Thankfully season 2 picked up nicely with Kevin Murphy. It's just surprising to see Joel and company act so blandly here.

309 - The Amazing Colossal Man - about 9 years ago
10 laughs

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Classic 50's "all exposition" flick. "Before we do this, let's take 10 minutes to describe what we are doing." Love the complete corn-ball age of movies.

Always save a spot out front
518 - The Atomic Brain - over 5 years ago
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The City Council saved two parking spots for the hooligans 'n squares right in front.

Only $30+ bucks & you'll be the life 'o the party!
803 - The Mole People - over 5 years ago
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Mole Man Mask! But where's Crown Roast Head?

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