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  1. Starcrash
  2. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  3. It Lives by Night
  4. Horrors of Spider Island
  5. It Conquered the World
  6. Red Zone Cuba
  7. Track of the Moon Beast

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Forum - 6 days ago
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Tubi has recently added 6 more to their RT library and I recommend all of them.

Jonah On TCM Yesterday
Forum - 3 days ago
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Maybe I Missed This On The Forum Previously But Jonah Was Involved With A Table Sketch Of Plan 9 From Outer Space From 2020 That TCM Aired Yesterday And I Recorded. Interesting Script Read Of The Entire Movie By Current Comics (None Of Whom I've Heard Of Unfortunately - I'm Outta The Loop With The Newer Comics.)

Hold on tight; we'll be reaching speeds of FOUR
Forum - 1 day ago
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Kickstarter Final Stretch
Forum - 5 days ago
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The campaign has passed $5 million, with about $450k to go for the full goal. What larks, Pip!

"Zombies or Argent" riff explained
Forum - 4 days ago
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Somewhere in MST or RT there's a riff - probably in a zombie film - where someone mentions zombies (something like "I like zombies.") and then one of the riffers (Mike, I think) says "Or Argent". It's so short and subtle that it can easily be missed. Last year, I discovered the reason for that riff and now enjoy it heartily.

The Zombies were a 60's band. Last year, I bought their singles "Time of the Season" and "She's Not There". I did some research and learned that the wonderful organ solos in them were done by member Rod Argent. That rang a bell in my head. A little more research confirmed my suspicions: In the early '70s, Rod Argent started his own band, named Argent. I remember their big single "Hold Your Head Up", which I always loved. You can hear Rod's organ chops on that as well.

As a wise man once said, if you didn't know, now you know. :)

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424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate - almost 2 years ago
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The script literally says "LICK ME!" (RiffTrax Live riff)