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  1. The Mad Monster
  2. The Slime People
  3. First Spaceship on Venus
  4. Godzilla vs. Megalon

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205 - Rocket Attack USA - almost 3 years ago
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i think it would be fun if one of the links for each episode had the commercials. i like watching old commercials.

1201 - Mac and Me - over 2 years ago
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they don't say the riffs so fast. i am glad they stopped doing that.

209 - The Hellcats - almost 3 years ago
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@sylkrode i think it was because the boss said clean this place out. he meant to get rid of all the evidence. that woman knew too much so he killed her.

108 - The Slime People - almost 3 years ago
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three people watching this episode right now. who are the other 2?

103 - The Mad Monster - almost 3 years ago
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i was having trouble finding some of the episodes before i found this site. it sounds obvious now, but i had no idea there was a website dedicated to the show. i used to watch when i was younger. thanks to all who shared.

818 - Devil Doll - over 5 years ago
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wow this movie is so dull i completely failed to notice that servo is a streudel the last leg of the film.

610 - The Violent Years - almost 6 years ago
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This movie was pretty ballsy what with the implied rape and child/cop killing. I actually thought it had an alright moral message (pay attention to your damn kids) until they snuck in the uncomfortable Christian themes at the end.

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211 - First Spaceship on Venus - almost 3 years ago
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"hey, who is this? hey, get her off me!" after they get back to earth and that woman i assume is the guys wife runs up and kisses him. i love that joke.