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405 - Being from Another Planet - over 9 years ago
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I had forgotten the name of it, but I remember seeing this movie at the theater when I was a kid. This is a much better version.

. noniyobis
K04 - Gamera vs. Barugon - about 5 years ago
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I remember the first time I saw Mst3k back around 91? I believe it was the Ha channel. I remember being puzzled and not getting the initial premise. Weird figures with a guy in the middle talking as an old movie played? Little by little I got into it more, since I always loved comedy and gravitated towards ha's programming. As I got comfortable with it, I later became a fan. I taped the show through the 90's and remember watching the Sat reruns on Comedy Central after the Fri night premier cozily in my br. Who would've thought those tapes could have eventually been uploaded and watched by so many on the internet? Truly, a 21st century show that evolved into a hilarious new style of comedy. I enjoy it so much! Also, I almost never get tired of watching an episode, even after viewing it countless times. No wonder they are bringing it back. I just hope they don't dull it down for the new gen insipid hipster crowd. I never wrote the info club though, was it a kids show? I never thought of it as such... hmmmm...

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