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The movie poster
501 - Warrior of the Lost World - over 3 years ago
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A good friend of mine tracked down the movie poster for this stinker, framed it, and gave it to me as a birthday present...and I gotta say, it is just as bad as the movie because none of it matches what is in the movie. There is a guy riding a motorcycle but it looks nothing like Paper Chase dude and "Einstein" (there are missiles coming out the front!) and a semi-truck (it looks like an older Peterbilt) with spikes on the front that I suspect was supposed to be Megaweapon. Oh, and there's a towering monolithic building (?) in the background with the omega symbol on the front. The title font is still the same, at least.

508 - Operation Double 007 - over 4 years ago
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I have a religious friend who enjoys MST3K, and he can't stop laughing when Tom starts singing "Jesus Loves Me" (and it is somewhat eerie that the music closely resembles the hymn).

508 - Operation Double 007 - almost 9 years ago
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Good God I'm ugly. Scared my own children out of the nursery today.

301 - Cave Dwellers - over 4 years ago
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Bit of trivia: Charles Borromel and David Cain Haughton (as David Brandon) were in "Caligula 2: The Untold Story" together (D'Amato directed both); before that, Borromel played Caligula in "The Last Gladiator". And, I have to admit: David was pretty cute back then!

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