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The Incredibly Strange Creature Who Stopped Living and Became Edward Carney
Buffalo, NY
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Getcher paws off me, ya damn dirty Beat!!
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Warm Tumbler of Jagermeister
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Daniel Emerson
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Ray B
Winneconne/Muskego, WI
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Linnaeis is surrounded by idiots of her own design, and even more that aren't of her own design, but with whom she continues to associate anyway. (I'm watching you UncleDes.)
halfway down the east coast
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Rocket J. Forklift
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Lembeck Wants PIE
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Austin, TX
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Rachel Adams
Huntington Beach, CA
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Phil Carstens
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Rex Dart, Eskimo Son of ZeitgeistMeister
limbo, as ZeitgeistMeister is marooned within the dangerous waters of Facebook
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Last of the Wild Ponies
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe, Existence, Ralph Wiggum's Navel
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Luke - "I am the atomic powered robot. Please give my best wishes to everybody!"
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Andy Shaggy Dennis
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Snuffy Wuffykiss
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Kiri T. Unicorn
Lebanon, OR
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jeff lingenfelter
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Robert Brown
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Lewis Nitzberg STINKS!
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Funky The Monkey
Washington State
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Scooter Atreides
Waukegan, IL USA
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Bad Touch
rural Missouri, lost among the goats and the chickens
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Anne Marie Barrett
Denver, city of brotherly love
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Northern Va
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Otter Rivers
Tacoma Area. WA, USA, North American Continent, Earth, Milky Way, The Universe.
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Robert Ferguson
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Greater DC area
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Wynton, Branford, and Chicken Marsalis
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Desiree Ashcraft
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Kelly Slane
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Somewhere in time and space
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John Smith
Your Mother's
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Super McWonderfull
Deep 13 ...... (somewhere in southern Maine)
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Petey Plane- (
Greetings from Place!
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Toblerone Laugh
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Jeffrey Lingenfelter
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The Lightning Bug Too
The Same Old Place
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Cliff Beefpile
Long Beach, California
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New Jersey
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Alex Stefanic
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Ray Garraty - Hello. Thank You. Thank You, Hello.
Red Zone Idaho
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Stephen A Nathe
Portland, OR
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Marie - Off the Stage, You Foul Beastie!
New Zealand
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Not everybody is Steve
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Bolt Vanderhuge, He Who Swallowed God
Central Ohio
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Southern Arizona
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Sensitive Naked Man
Behind you!!
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Brian Peter Vandenbroek
381Comment icon
Crypto Dentist
Northern Virginia
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Rysov Pipple
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In front of a screen, somewhere on earth, in the North East of England.
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James Krummel
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Carrie is So Very
Chicagoland, IL
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Diane - aka Starbreeze
The Multiverse (and Colorado)