Cinematic Titanic: The Astral Factor (Live Fan Cut)

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Daniel Emerson - over 4 years ago
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Here's one of the "lost" riffs Cinematic Titanic wrote & performed near the end of their run, but never filmed: ASTRAL FACTOR. The audio was recorded at a live show at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, CA on October 19, 2013 with Gruber sitting in for Josh, who was recovering from cancer treatment. The video is a copy of the film "Astral Factor" synced with the live audio. Both the riffs & film dialog are surprisingly clear; there were only a few moments I had trouble making a line out while watching this. And, of course, like all of their live recordings, it's hilarious. It's really a shame they never officially recorded this, Doll Squad, or Samson & the Seven Miracles of the World.